Misión Tu Puedes is a Non-Profit Faith Based School located in the Najayo community near San Cristobal in the Dominican Republic. The School is the product of continued love and faith of its founder Debora Damiani

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Our Mission:

  • To sustain and prepare our students to succeed in a changing world
  • To provide them with a quality education that will equip them with the educational and social tools to become productive members of the Najayo community and society in general
  • To teach them to recognize their creative abilities, and encourage them to be conscious of their responsibility towards society by showing respect
  • To show them how to value each other while taking into account the other’s personal, physical, moral, ethical and spiritual well-being

Our Vision:

  • To have a state-of-the-art Educational Center with technology and knowledge of the twenty first century
  • To serve families in their different levels of need, such as education, health and spiritual development
  • To see our students continue their education, graduate from college, and eventually return to the Mission Education Center – You Can as volunteers, teachers, counselors, leaders and directors of this institution

Our Needs

A little can provide so much! Did you know that a $50 donation can provide 1 month of internet service, or phone service for the school? Or a student with school supplies?

How it began...

Debora Damiani, the founder of Misión Tú Puedes always wanted to do something that would last long after she is gone. She knew there was a need to help the children in her native country of the Dominican Republic, so in October of 1998 she spoke to her father.

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